/ Brand Musca. Self-designed, self-made lamps. Since 2010. Musca is a project which combines two design and production approaches - digital and manual. End products are luminous bodies with geometry shaped using computational design softwares, produced with computer controlled machines and assembled manually. Design of the lamps is inspired by nature and takes human size into account. The first lamp was designed and made in 2010, since then Musca is developing in soon world recognized brand. / Autor Alessandro Storari. Italian, architect, designer. Since 1981. Alessandro was born in a small town near Verona, north Italy. He studied architecture at "Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia" in Venice, Italy and Technical University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. He graduated in 2011 with Will Alsop. Since 2001 he worked in several architectural offices, in set construction for theatre and with product & industrial designers. Currently he lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
/ Products Lamp. An object for giving light. All lamps are self-designed and self made, what makes every piece unique. The process starts with an idea, which is transformed to digital form with help of computer- aided design application software. Further, this forms are brought to reality with help of laser technology and manual assembly. Used materials are paper board, card board, finn board, plywood and plexiglass, For light emitting body LED light bulbs are used which makes MUSCA Lamps energy efficient and long lasting.
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